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The Aqua-Tots Experience

We love our families! Our mission is to help prevent drownings by working with adults and children to learn water safety – teaching great swim lessons is our business. From the minute you walk into our year-round family friendly facility – our indoor swim centers are designed to give your child the best environment to learn how to swim safely. With over 40 indoor swim centers around the world, we understand how to help children become safe and confident swimmers. Most of our franchise owners both live and work in the communities in which they serve – this is why we are often called the "Neighborhood Swim School" because we know our families well and partner with them to make a difference that counts.

The Pool

At Aqua-Tots, our indoor heated pool typically consist of 6 zones that are specifically designed for small group lessons. As a matter of fact, we never over book our group swimming lessons and maintain a low student to teacher ratio of 4:1. Each of our indoor pools are kept between 32 Celsius year-round to ensure a consistent environment to allow the child's attention to be focused on the instruction, rather than the varying outdoor conditions such as the wind, air/water temperature and risk of sunburn. Our pools are also shallow in depth with built in benches to allow children to learn a variety of skills while remaining in their teaching zones.

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Seating Area

We design each of our guest areas to give parents full access and the best viewing area to watch their children excel in their swim lessons – parents sit in a family-friendly environment with free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and a play area to allow the other siblings to enjoy while their bother or sister are taking their swimming lessons.

Our Location
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Aqua-Tots Swim Schools offers 8 Comprehensive Swim Levels

Since 1991, Aqua-Tots has taught thousands of children how to swim each week and the tradition continues… With over 20-years of teaching experience, Aqua-Tots offers 8-swim levels for ages 6 months to 12 years old to learn how to swim. Each of our swim levels are taught by certified Aqua-Tots Water Safety Instructors (AT-WSI) who have been trained and evaluated by one of our Aqua-Tots Master Water Safety Instructors (AT-MWSI) before they begin teaching at any of our locations. Our swim levels and swim instructors perform to a teaching standard that is measured both on the actual skills taught, as well as, the timing, tone and efficiency of the swim class being conducted by an authorized swim instructor. Our families appreciate our dedication to having consistent teaching standards with performance goals for each of our swim levels to allow their children to progress effectively through each of the Aqua-Tots Swim levels.

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Every day at Aqua-Tots, we have the privilege of seeing children graduate from one swim level to the next… Every student has their picture taken with Ollie the Super Star Swimmer and receives a large certificate for their achievement. Our swim instructors have specific performance ribbons that are issued to the child as he or she masters various swimming skills along the way.

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Safety First, Fun Every Second

We are committed to being the best swim school in the world. Our promise is to deliver great swim lessons - every swim lesson, every family… every day. If you're not satisfied, neither are we. Our success world-wide is based on building trust with the families we serve – one family at a time.

Since 1991 Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Core Values have been:

  1. 1. Affirm each others strengths and protect his/her weakness
  2. 2. Treat others the way you desire to be treated
  3. 3. Extend grace to those who are teachable
  4. 4. Seek first to understand others, before trying to be understood
  5. 5. Choose relationships over profits
  6. 6. Think outside the box - always question status quo
  7. 7. Praise in public, Correct in Private

We are passionate about helping the families we serve and are committed to making a difference that counts!

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