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Swim and Water Safety in Istanbul, Turkey

Swim safety and water safety are important considerations for any family that has children in the istanbul area. Unfortunately, drowning continues to be one of the leading causes of a accidental death in children up to age 14.  Providing swim lessons in a caring and nurturing environment as well as educating kids and their parents regarding the importance of water safety is the most important consideration with regard to the prevention of drowning. At Aqua-Tots our motto is “Safety First, Fun Every Second”, and we are completely dedicated to help make time in any aquatic environment a completely fun,happy and safe time for families with children.

Checkout our Swim Safety Interview on The Weather Channel.

Drowning Prevention Tips: Here are some things you can do to to be safe in and around the water!

  • Provide Constant Adult Visual Supervision
  • Learn To Swim with Formal Swim Lessons
  • Wear Life Jackets
  • Enforce Multiple Barriers on all Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Keep Backyards and Bathrooms Safe
  • Always Check Pool/Hot Tub First For Missing Child
  • Learn CPR

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